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The Twelve Labours Mission Briefing // Open to all Hunters

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The Twelve Labours Mission Briefing // Open to all Hunters

Post by Maria Hill on Sat May 03, 2014 12:18 am

Dispatcher: Deputy Director Maria Hill
Time Limit: Two weeks maximum
Location: Newport, Wales
Pay: £2000

Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Group: Both regular Hunters and EMH Hunters
Characters: Any and all hunters are allowed to sign up for this mission. Any characters with experience killing demons (such as Amy Pond) are welcome to join though if they are not experienced there is a high chance that you will get injured.

Debrief: An outbreak of serial-killings is happening in Newport, Wales. All victims are males, varying in race and age, however none of the men have hit andropause (male equivalent of menopause) yet. All the victims have had their hands and feet cut off, and this sigil has been carved into the chest of all victims.

The mission objective is simple - find and eliminate the threat by any means possible. Agents are to find their own way to and from the location.

OOC Notes:
Tag: The Twelve Labours Mission
Monsters Involved: The Amazons. They have sex to get impregnated and within 36 hours can give birth. The children mature rapidly, reaching adolescence within 3 days. The girl then has to kill the man who fathered her, removing his hands and feet and carving an Amazonian symbol on his chest. Every two years, women of child bearing age would repeat the cycle.
Preplanning Required: Since I assume that most of the Hunters would have come from various sides of the country, you can all just jump in. I would probably recommend getting a basic plot sussed before you jump into writing though, just to make the thread run more smoothly.
Actual Time Limit: Two-and-a-half months is given for the mission to be finished. After that either an extension must be bought or the mission is considered to have failed.
Payment Notes: Characters will be paid only if the mission is completed. If back-up is required by any outside group/party (SHIELD, law enforcement, etc), payment is halved.

Interested? Sign up below!
Maria Hill
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Re: The Twelve Labours Mission Briefing // Open to all Hunters

Post by Rose Trodaire on Sat May 03, 2014 6:59 pm

Miss Rose Trodaire is signing up for this mission. Quite excited about this :3

Note: I am hoping to have three people in the mission thread. It will be started in three or four days, so be sure to sign up quick! Smile
Rose Trodaire
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Re: The Twelve Labours Mission Briefing // Open to all Hunters

Post by Cade Foster on Sat May 03, 2014 9:51 pm

Mr. Cade Foster is eager to be a part of this mission

Note: I'm just too excited, lol.
Cade Foster

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Re: The Twelve Labours Mission Briefing // Open to all Hunters

Post by Sponsored content

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